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Why Choose A1-Inspections ?

It is important for YOU to have someone inspect your home or new potential investment that understands construction.  Many people have taken a course to be an inspector and read some books but experience is what will give you the most value in choosing an inspection company.


A1-Inspection has that experience.  Jim Mollohan is the person behind the company.  With more than 20 years of experience you will get great value.  Jim Mollohan owned and operated Buckeye Construction with design and build options for new home construction and commercial renovations.  Another and most important for the inspection industry was the extensive renovation work.  When you have the opportunity to inspect problems and create the solutions to fix them… you gain a lot of experience.


A1-Inspections does not work for any real estate firm even if they are paying the bill.  We tell it like it is!!  It is important for each client to understand what we see regarding their property or potential investment.  We rate the items we inspect so you know whether it is something to be concerned about or something to budget to upgrade or fix at a later time  Most of the time problems with a property just need to be understood.  We help you to understand the concerns and make an educated choice to except or negotiate the concern to be repaired.


We then will give you a qualified overview of the property as we see it and we trust this will give you peace of mind with your property or potential investment or a guideline to budgeting for future repairs.


We allow you FREE access by email or phone to A1-Inspections for as long as you own the property to contact us and discuss anything we have placed in the inspection report.

Thanks for considering A1-Inspections; we will treat you the way we want to be treated.
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