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Home Inspections & WETT Certified  (Wood or Pellet Appliances)


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Type of Inspection Reports Available

        ·         Pre-purchase Inspections

This has become so important!  When you are planning on spending your hard earned income on one of your largest investments it is important to invest in having an inspection done to know what you are getting.  Sometimes a person can be too close to make a good decision so having a 3rd party opinion can make the investment choice become a qualified decision.

Pre-Listing Inspections

Many home owners are becoming interested in having a pre inspection completed before listing their property.  This allows them to repair areas of concern and to make sure they get the best value back for their investment they have in their property.  This also shows a prospective purchaser that they are proactive in making sure there are no surprises for the purchaser.

Homeowner Assessment

People may not be planning on selling or buying but may want to have an inspection of their property done to make a plan and budget to keep their investment in good condition.  This has become very popular when looking at repairs or upgrades to a home.  Maintenance is so important to maintaining the value of the home.

Renovation Consultations

The value of adding an addition or renovating can be looked at and reported by an inspector as they will have no gain whether it is done or not.  What is best for the home owner is what is most important.  You spend a few hundred dollars but may save thousands!

Construction & Renovation Deficiencies and Litigation Disputes

If you have had a problem with construction and or renovation deficiencies, a report by A1-Inspections may be helpful in negotiating a settlement in the dispute.

        ·         WETT Inspections

Many home owners are becoming interested in having a WETT inspection completed on their wood or pellet burning appliances.  Also most insurance companies require this inspection prior to insuring a new purchase or installation of a solid fuel burning unit.  Jim is licensed by WETT to provide this inspection.



We plan our prices to be competitive in today's market place.  When you contact us for a price, please consider the fact that you will always find someone to do the inspection for less... but will they give you the value that you deserve?


A1-Inspections will match price for the same quality and experience that we offer you.  If you feel this is the issue and you want us to inspect for you.. talk with us. Our prices start at $300.00 for a Home inspection and $200.00 for a WETT Inspection.



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 Below is a sample of some pictures to show how a home can look great from the overall picture (top left) at the road.  The inspection will show deficiencies that you need to be aware of.  NONE of the concerns or deficiencies were deal breakers in this case and the client did purchase this home but negotiated some repair cost with the seller and both were happy with the final results.  These pictures are included in my sample report with details on the items shown in the pictures below.

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